Hard Rock Smooth

*Compatible for Boss GT-100 & Boss GT-001
Hard Rock Smooth live-set includes 4 patches for 1 bank memory.
Quick patch modify:

  • Accel – delay on/off

File type: live-set.tsl – can easily to import with Boss Tone Studio to effect processor memory.

Sound examples played with John`s Cigar Box Guitarcigar-box-guitar & Ibanez JEM555 guitaribanez-jem555 | switch in bridge position

All guitar patches are composed and fine tuned individually as Custom Patches with Boss GT-100 guitar multi effects processor. Each created live set includes 4 variations from the same sound base for 1 unit bank. It takes me a few hours to few days, to compose one suitable patches live set. Therefore a little support is appreciated too. To make it possible to keep and follow up this project further.

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