About This Project

Custom Guitar Patches website is created to enrich ability to get various guitar sounds for Boss multi effect devices. As you know, their original collection does not include too extensive selection. That is a reason why so many users searching for missing guitar tones. At present patches match for Boss GT-100 and GT-001 effects processor.

You don’t like to mess up with software?

If you ever tried to build a guitar sound, you probably know – it may be painful and time-consuming process. But if you have patience enough to tweak a multi effect device, can achieve pretty desirable results. Composing one suitable patch takes me a more than a few hours or up to a few days. Therefore a little affordable support is appreciated too. To make it possible to keep and extend this project further (:

Only original custom patches available!

All shared patches has been composed as custom made sounds with Boss GT-100 device. By creating patches I try do not overkill guitar sound to keep them sufficient gentle for practical use. So, except for stronger FX modeling style patches. Furthermore, many patches include property to modify sound variation, by pressing one GT-100 unit pedal.

Live-sets can import with Boss Tone Studio software to utilize with effects processor.
Click here – to download and install Boss Tone Studio software to the computer.

Your feedback is much awaited also

While we know that everyone has a very personal expectation and taste for the guitar sound basis. At best, you find some tasty guitar sound here.
If not, no trouble at all, just look forward …