This is a place where you can get some new custom made sound for your Boss multi effects processor. All created presets has been tested and fine tuned through Boss Katana-100 guitar amplifier speaker. At present our live-set.tsl format patches match for Boss GT-100 or GT-001 devices.

Here is not an endless database, but just a small guitar sound boutique. Our goal is not to offer a huge collection of sounds, while only a little amount of decent original creations.

We try to keep it pretty easy to explore and download the exposition. Simply pick up some Boss GT patches. The content will be enhanced continuously by adding newly created patches.

Feel free to walk through the website and download patches such you like. We hope you would find some useful stuff here, which helps your guitar (or other stringed instrument) sound better. And you are welcome back anytime to check out the improvements.


custom-patchesCUSTOM PATCHES

All patches are composed and fine tuned individually as Custom Patches with Boss GT-100 guitar amp effects processor. Each created live set includes 4 variations from the same sound for 1 unit bank. Patches are usable with GT-100 as well GT-001 devices, just if you have one of these.

sound-examplesEXAMPLE SOUNDS

Audio examples may listen by each patch set. Created as line out recordings with Cakewalk Sonar DAW. So, though the actual sound may be heard a little different from depending your guitar and gear. In all probability these sounds a bit better and more plentiful in a live situation.
Go on & just try out some…

free-downloadFREE DOWNLOAD

Free download allowed also for many sets of patches. If you like these, you can get downloaded priced patches as well. And your little support is appreciated too, to make it possible to keep alive and follow up this project further (;


Listen & download Live Sets Get to import patches with Boss Tone Studio software to the effects processor unit Enjoy

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